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French Muslim student Maryam Pougetoux hits back over headscarf claims

bbc education - 1 hour 22 min ago
A French student union leader was accused by ministers of using her headscarf for political gain.
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Why we should bulldoze the business school – podcast

the guardian - 1 hour 50 min ago

There are 13,000 business schools on Earth. That’s 13,000 too many. And I should know – I’ve taught in them for 20 years

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Black students are right to want to see black therapists | Micha Frazer-Carroll

the guardian - 5 hours 50 min ago

Cambridge University’s minority ethnic students can now request to see a BME counsellor. This should happen elsewhere

Imagine you’re at university and are subject to a racist attack by white students. If you decided it would be useful to go to counselling to talk about it, how much would the therapist’s race matter?

For Cambridge students, it’s emerged that the answer is “a lot”. Last month, while on-campus racism continued to grab headlines, Cambridge University’s counselling service made a vital shift in response to student demand: for the first time, black and minority ethnic (BME) students can now specifically request to see BME counsellors. As the welfare and rights officer, I pushed for the change; but the process raised a host of questions and challenges about the nature of counselling, and the way institutionalised support caters to students’ social and political identities.

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Scientists should be solving problems, not struggling to access journals | Benjamin Kaube

the guardian - 6 hours 20 min ago

It takes an average of 15 clicks for a researcher to find and access a journal article. This time could be much better spent

At any given moment, 10 million academic researchers around the world are working to push the boundaries of human knowledge. You would think they have access to the best available tools to help them in their quest for knowledge. In reality the opposite is often true: the research tools at our disposal are so substandard that we are forced to use unofficial and often illegal alternatives.

Most research journeys begin with a literature review, consulting hundreds of journal articles, analysing the data within, and formulating a hypothesis to test in the lab. The reality for many researchers is that finding and accessing articles can be extremely tedious. My research suggests it takes 15 clicks on average, multiple logins into different repositories, dead links, and waiting on endless redirects.

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Can you solve it? The birthday birthday problem

the guardian - 6 hours 40 min ago

Join in the celebrations

Hi guzzlers,

My Monday Puzzle column celebrates its third birthday this week. What better way to mark the occasion than a puzzle about a birthday!

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Clean-air campaigners call for ban on school run to cut pollution

the guardian - 7 hours 49 min ago

Government urged to take steps to reduce the impact of toxic air on vulnerable children

Clean-air campaigners have written to the government calling for a ban on parents driving their children to school in an attempt to cut down on toxic levels of air pollution.

Environmental groups and medics warn that pollution from the school run is having a serious impact on young people’s health.

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'Sharenting' puts young at risk of online fraud

bbc education - 10 hours 38 min ago
Parents are compromising their children's future financial security with online sharing, warns Barclays.
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Parcoursup : la sensible question des candidats en attente

lemonde_edu - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 11:00
Des centaines de milliers de lycéens recevront, à compter du 22 mai, les premières propositions d’affectation dans l’enseignement supérieur. Mais il sera encore difficile de tirer un bilan du fonctionnement de la nouvelle procédure d’admission post-bac, martèle-t-on déjà du côté de l’Etat.
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Premier job : le bac ne compte (presque) plus

lemonde_edu - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 10:15
Sauf s’agissant de la voie professionnelle, le bac est peu regardé par les recruteurs et ne constitue pas un critère d’embauche.
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If risk is such a good thing, why is it all heaped on to the young and struggling? | Sonia Sodha

the guardian - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 08:00
To forge a creative life, a measure of security and stability can be a tremendous boon

The Tories have got a youth problem and they’re going to fix it with peri-peri chicken. Not how they’d put it, but you hardly need to be a marketing whiz to work out that their latest big idea to tempt in new members – a Nando’s discount card – isn’t aimed at octogenarians in the home counties.

It comes hot on the tracks of the government’s new millennial railcard, which offers a third off rail fares, presumably to distract 26- to 30-year-olds from the fact they’ll never be able to afford a house.

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Réussite scolaire : « Rien ne permet d’affirmer que le QI est lié pour 50 % au patrimoine génétique »

lemonde_edu - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 07:30
Dans une tribune au « Monde », le chercheur Julien Larregue réagit à une chronique de Laurent Alexandre parue dans « L’Express », s’inquiétant de ce qu’il considère comme une tentative d’éclipser les sciences sociales de la recherche sur l’éducation.
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Education nationale : Jean-Michel Blanquer fait le bilan d’un an de réformes

lemonde_edu - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 06:54
Dans le « Journal du dimanche » du 20 mai, le ministre passe en revue le travail accompli depuis un an et présente quelques mesures nouvelles.
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Bring back joy to the classroom | Letters

the guardian - Sun, 20/05/2018 - 02:05
A teacher from Canada finds British education in freefall. Her solution? Remove stress and reinstate the love of learning

What is going on with the British education system? Last week’s Observer had three articles that reveal the symptoms of a system in freefall: £50m for grammar schools (“This zombie grammar school policy will only harm crisis-hit schools”, Focus); corruption in academy trusts (“Academy trust in spotlight again over spending”, News); and the teacher shortage (“Burnout”, special report).

In the 15 years since I last lived and taught here, billions have been spent remaking education and this is where you have landed:

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Secret Teacher: I hated teaching – until I realised my school was the problem

the guardian - Sat, 19/05/2018 - 09:30

Stress almost drove me out of the profession. But a change in leadership has helped me fall back in love with education

Not so long ago, I was ready to quit teaching. Now, I’ve got my sights on leadership. The difference is my headteacher.

Under my previous head, I got the point where I couldn’t go on. I was signed off work with anxiety and stress. At school, we’d been under intense pressure to get more children to expected levels to show the school was improving – and were always on edge thanks to drop-in observations. As a member of the school leadership team, the headteacher expected me to remain distant from the rest of the staff, meaning I was isolated from my colleagues.

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Sir Roger Elliott obituary

the guardian - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 20:24
Specialist in theoretical physics who investigated the structure of matter

On Roger Elliott’s 60th birthday, a conference in his honour displayed beneath his photograph the title: “Disorder in Condensed Matter Physics”. This reference to his speciality in theoretical physics, where he made important contributions to theories of optical, magnetic and semiconductor properties of the solid state, was ironic, for Elliott, who has died aged 89, was a man of the soundest judgment.

His opinion was widely sought and highly regarded, as professor at Oxford University (1974-96), as chief executive of Oxford University Press (1988-93), and in national affairs, as physical secretary and vice-president of the Royal Society (1984-88) and vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (1990-93).

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Poorest and brightest girls more likely to be depressed – UK study

the guardian - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 20:00

Research into 14-year-olds renews concern over rising rates of teenage mental illness

Brighter girls and girls from poorer families are more likely to be depressed by the time they enter adolescence, according to a study triggering fresh concern about soaring rates of teenage mental illness.

The government-funded research identified the two groups as being most at risk of displaying high symptoms of depression at the age of 14. In contrast, more intelligent boys and boys from the most deprived backgrounds appear not to suffer from the mental troubles that affect their female peers, the academics discovered.

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Dumm und nichts gelernt

sueddeutsche_bild - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 19:57

In Deutschland entscheidet noch immer die Herkunft über den Bildungserfolg. Kinder ohne ehrgeizige Eltern haben es schwer. Das ließe sich leicht ändern.

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Our children are over-stressed. This is how we can protect them | Gaby Hinsliff

the guardian - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 19:10
Governments can do more; so can social media companies. We parents might stop projecting our anxieties too

Poor Twiglet the dog. Her short-lived career as a comfort animal for anxious Cambridge university students ended prematurely this week, after unprecedented demand to take her out for soothing walks left her feeling rather overanxious herself. At her peak, the jack russell was being booked out for eight hours a day, which says something about stress levels approaching finals.

Related: The new GCSE exams pile on pressure and kill off passion for learning | Keza MacDonald

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Dans la Seine-Saint-Denis, la grande misère de la médecine scolaire

lemonde_edu - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 17:56
Selon un rapport parlementaire, le département ne compte plus que 24 médecins scolaires, qui doivent hiérarchiser leurs missions, au détriment d’autres.
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New Jersey Law Codifies School Segregation, Suit Says

NYTimes - Fri, 18/05/2018 - 16:24
The plaintiffs are looking to force statewide desegregation in one of the most segregated states in the country.
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