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Camp Google: Δωρεάν δραστηριότητες για παιδιά!

Camp Google is a free summer camp that gets kids learning through fun, interactive science activities and adventures. Led by experts, the activities have been designed to encourage kids to ask questions, setting them on a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.

In partnership with Khan Academy, National Geographic, NASA, and the National Park Service.


Each week kicks off with an adventure that’ll take you to exciting new places. Afterwards, you’ll get to continue exploring with fun science activities led by experts. Everyone’s invited, and you can do the activities whenever you like.     

  • Ocean Week

    What's Down There?

    Let's Find Out

    Dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and explore its wonders with National Geographic.


    Why do some things float?

    Let's Find Out

    Make something float that would normally sink in water.


    How do dolphins see underwater?

    Let's Find Out

    Discover how dolphins use sounds to see underwater.

  • Space Week

    How do you live in space?

    Let's Find Out on July 20th

    Blast off to NASA’s Food Lab and help create space food for astronauts.


    How do you defy gravity?

    Let's Find Out on July 20th

    Create a zero-gravity zone out of magnets.


    What are constellations?

    Let's Find Out on July 20th

    Light up your room with your very own constellation.

  • Nature Week

    What Will You Find in the Wild?

    Let's Find Out on July 27th

    Explore a volcano with a National Park Ranger and discover how it was formed.


    Where do crystals come from?

    Let's Find Out on July 27th

    Grow your own crystals with crazy shapes and colors.


    What's living in my backyard?

    Let's Find Out on July 27th

    Create a magnifying glass to see whole new worlds.

  • Music Week

    Why does music make you move?

    Let's Find Out on August 3rd

    Rock out with Zendaya and learn why music makes us want to bust a move.


    What makes things louder?

    Let's Find Out on August 3rd

    Turn your smartphone into a BOOMING stereo.


    What does sound look like?

    Let's Find Out on August 3rd

    See what your voice looks like when you sing.






















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